What keeps us going once we are nothing but the best?
Everyone is driven by the urge to improve and seek for perfection in their lives. For over 130 years, Mercedes has been constantly improving their technologies to stay at the top of the game. With climate change as humanities biggest challenge in the 21st century, car manufacturers worldwide are faced with the need to look further and step up their game. This spec commercial visualises Mercedes ambitious goal, to evolve their entire fleet away from fossil fuel into a new future with renewable energies. A car manufacturer can not rest and look back at their past victories but constantly has to try to stay ahead. In a whirlwind of digital and analog images, this spot merges a human athlete with Mercedes top of the line street car GT63s which restlessly tries to break free of its past limitations.


– European Cinematographer Award (Winner, Best Director)
– Berlin Commercial (Shortlist 2020)
– International Motor Film Awards (Shortlist 2020)


Client: Mercedes Benz (SPEC)
Prod.: Nashorn Filmhaus KG
Concept: Maik Lüdemann, Moritz Moessinger
Copywriter: Thomas Gheorghiu, Marie-Jo Noack
Talent: Ludovic Holtz

Dir.: Maik Lüdemann
DoP: Moritz Moessinger
Editor: Maxi Willmann

1. AD: Magdalena Schippmann
1. AC.: Nico Flach
2. AC.: Simon Reindl / Florian Hornung
B-Cam.: Florian Hornung
Gaffer Studio / Light Programming: Monty Johannsen
Gaffer Ext.: Peter Assmann
Electricians: Luis Arndt, Lea Schäfer
Grip and Crane Operator: Darren Mullis
Assistant Grip: Jakob Loda
DIT: Patrick Locher
Making Of Cam: André Menke

Colorist: Sönke Heuer
Post Production Producer: Dennis Czirr
VFX: Eike Oetjen
VFX: Finn Vormbrock

Audio by BLUT Audio
Composition: Jakob Klotz
Sounddesign: Michael Robb
Recording and Sound Mixing: Timo Blunck
Voice Over Artist: Elliot Blunck

Cinegate (Bodo Grams, Frank Kappes), Electric Sun, Maddels Cameras, Luxury Cars Hamburg (Dennis & Kim), Alexandra Luetkens, Nic Dietrich, Shopping-Center Hamburger Meile