The mafia has 1970s New York firmly in its grip. Protection rackets, torture and robberies are the order of the day. An aspiring mafioso’s reputation precedes him. His name is Bernardo, also known as “The Match”. He goes at his brutal everday life equipped with a pack of matches. However, the tool of his choosing comes with a major disadvantage, something he only realizes in the crucial moment…

Client: BIC (Spec)
Production: Crafted Filmproduktion GmbH & On-Point-Production GbR
Director: Maik Lüdemann
Script: Maik Lüdemann
Co-Writer: Max Ahrens
Director of Photography: Leonard Popp
Executive Producer: Andre Menke
First Assistant Director: Martin Herrmann
Styling: Katharina Schweizer
Makeup & Hair: Lisa Neumann
Gaffer: Stefan Rentel
Editor:Lino Thaesler
Music & Sounddesign: Max Ahrens, David Maack
… and many more!