Countless people around the world are forced to leave their homes. They are in search of peace, security and a new perspective. But Europe protects its closed gates with ever more brutal measures. Refugees are stranded in inhumane camps or in abandoned ruins of buildings, away from the public eye. As a result, medical care is not provided by the government. The young NGO Medical Volunteers International is made up of people who do not ignore these miseries and volunteer to provide access to medical and psychological care for people on the move. However, Medical Volunteers International can only do its important work through the commitment of volunteers and monetary donations. This spot was produced with the aim of encouraging new supporters to join the organization and to promote donations. All of the people featured in the spot are actively working for Medical Volunteers International and same of them experienced the abuses themselves due to their own stories of migration.

Client: Medical Volunteers International
Production: Nashorn Filmhaus KG
Director & Concept: Maik Lüdemann
Co-Writer: Max Ahrens
DOP: Leonard Popp
Production design: Schmizzi
Editor: Lino Thaesler
Composing Sounddesign & Mixing: David Maack, Max Ahrens